We have purchased Canino's Italian Sausage since the 1970s. It is the best out there!
Rick P.
Greatest sausage there is. Yummy! I wish I lived closer to town, I'd eat more of it.
Roger C.
I just had your Italian sausage this week while dining at a friend's house. The best I've ever had!
Jennifer Y.
They are awesome! Keep them at Sam's Club because we will keep buying them!
Denise W.
My mom always served Canino's Italian sausage since I was born in the 1950s. I have never eaten Italian sausage that compares, and have lived all over the country. Glad to be back in Colorado so I can buy it whenever I want!
Stuart P.
This is the best sausage. Since Costco stopped carrying it, I call them, give them my order and pick it up when it is ready. Yummy hot Italian Sausage, my German husband loves their bratwurst, and the rest is great, too!!
Jacqueline F.
I don't even like bratwurst and I will eat these any time. Amazing.
Jessica S.
Bought brauts at sam's today. Cooked tonight. Delicious!
Cary B.