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Many varieties also available in TURKEY by special order and larger quantities only. Please contact us for further information.

If there is a special blend that you are looking for and do not see, please contact us! We will work with restaurants/vendors to possibly make a variety that will suit your business.

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Canino's Bratwurst Sausage Links are made with quality cuts of pork with spices and seasoning for a zesty flavorful sausage. We put a lot of spices in our Bratwurst Sausage to make sure that your mouth waters while it's cooking. Our neighbors tell us that we torture them with the smoky scent of our Bratwurst on the barbecue.

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Coffee, eggs, toast and sausage - the scent of an American breakfast is one of the finer things in life. Our Breakfast Sausage is made to honor this tradition and promises that you'll wake up smiling when you smell it cooking. Get the best compliment to any breakfast with our specialty breakfast sausages. Make your breakfast a great one!

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German Brand

What makes our German style sausage a little different from other types of sausage is that it is slightly stronger. We make Canino's German Brand Sausage with the right spices, so Oktoberfest is never more than a meal away. Get an authentic taste of Germany with our German style sausage, with delicious flavor in every bite.

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HOT! Chorizo

Our traditional Chorizo Sausage brings the amazing, delicious flavor and style of Old Mexico to any meal. It's filled with peppers and spices to give it that extra kick that you can taste and feel. Made with quality cuts of pork in traditional Canino's style, this spicy sausage makes a great addition to your south of the border dishes, chili, breakfast burritos and Tex-Mex favorites.

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Hot Italian

We still use the Canino’s family, heirloom recipe, carefully brought over for Italy . We use only the finest ground pork and load it with Italian spices. But, in addition, we have added extra spices to give your pallet a real wake up. If you like it extra spicy this one is for you!

Canino's Hot Italian Sausage is available in link and bulk ground (free of casings).

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Mild Italian

We still use this Canino's family heirloom recipe, carefully brought over from Italy. We use only the finest ground pork and load it with Italian spices. Like it did for the Canino family, this Old-World recipe makes you feel like Italy is not so far away.

Canino's Mild Italian Sausage is available in link and bulk ground (free of casings).

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Canino's Polish Sausage is the best combination of Old-Country Polish recipes. The finest ingredients added in perfect proportions to bring back the best in Old-World Polish flavor. Seasoned to perfection and made from good quality meat, there's no better sausage than Polish style sausage.

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Spicy Cajun

Enjoy a bit of bayou country with Canino's Cajun Sausage, made to bring southern fun and aroma of New Orleans to to your dinner table. Mama Canino would be proud of this tasty southern journey. Our Cajun Style Sausage is made in Canino's tradition with quality pork, spices and flavor.

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Sweet Italian

With Canino's Sweet Italian Sausage, heritage never tasted so sweet. We've taken the tradition of our signature Italian Sausage and given it a twist of sweetness to add zest to your cooking. Made with the finest cuts of pork and natural spices this version goes well in your favorite potato skillet meal.

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Quick Facts About Our Sausage

  • Gluten free
  • Soy free
  • Dairy free
  • All products made with only the finest Ground Pork
  • All natural ingredients
  • No MSG
  • No nitrates
  • No preservatives
  • 50% less fat than USDA data for natural Pork Sausage

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